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10 Reasons Why MTN Project Fame West Africa Should Continue

Featured 10 Reasons Why MTN Project Fame West Africa Should Continue
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9 years ago, MTN Project Fame West Africa was brought to our screens, and what a show it was indeed! However, I disagree with a recent article discrediting this amazing nine years.

Over the years, the show has grown in leaps and bounds. Sure, the hosts have changed, some of the faculty and judges have changed, but people change jobs. It has been 9 years, and not to expect any changes just because you liked the first set is an immature approach. I feel that you are not looking at the show with an open mind anymore, which is not nice. Open your eyes, and accept the changes, and you will see how amazing the show still is, and how it keeps improving. Below I have listed 10 reasons why the show - MTN Project Fame West Africa should make it to its 10th anniversary. Some of my points are direct responses to the article.

The auditions

You say that the ‘auditions are just no longer as funny’. This is false. I am not sure how much you use social media, twitter and Instagram in particular, but I am assuming you do not, as no one that is active on these applications can deny the large number of clips of funny auditions from this show that circulate constantly. Indeed, even international superstar Chris Brown put a clip from this very show on his Instagram last year, with a funny audition of one of his songs. If the auditions are not funny, they would certainly not be circulated enough for Chris Brown in America to find it!

The faculty

Like I said, when something goes on for as long as 9 years, changes are to be expected. However, one cannot question Ige as an excellent voice coach! From the fact that she herself has an amazing voice, to the fact that she is clearly a very good teacher with the correct balance of being strict but friendly, what could be better? Mummy J has been a constant in the show, and as you did not mention her, I assume you love her just as much as the rest of us! You say that you are “getting just a little bored” of Uncle Ben’s threats. This is Uncle Ben’s personality; it is for the contestants, not for you. You must also realise that new viewers can start watching the show at any given time, and Uncle Ben will be new and exciting for them!

The judges

RIP Nomoreloss! I wonder if there is a particular reason you do not like Praiz as a judge? I assume this is who you are talking about seeing as TY Mix and Bibi have been on the show for a very long time. With Praiz, he has actually gone through what the contestants are going through, and he has now made it in the music industry, so it seems quite fitting that he would return as a judge.

The hosts

I do not think you have actually been watching the show, as you are seeming to imply that Joseph and Bolanle are new? With Bolanle, it is more understandable, as this is only her third year, but Joseph has been on the show for 8 years, so when exactly were the hosts not to your standards? Which hosts are you talking about?

The Academy

Even from the title of your segment here (‘the house’), you seem confused. This is not Big Brother. Big Brother is a reality show where the contestants stay in a house and have spare time on their hands to cause drama, and try to get voters to dislike the personalities of the other contestants. Project Fame is a MUSIC competition. The contestants are in an ACADEMY to learn and improve their musical skills (among other things), so that even if they do not get to the end, they leave better than when they came. The contestants are begging for votes to win a singing competition, because that is what they came to do. Certainly, people living together can always have drama, and if we see drama, no problem, everyone likes a bit of drama. However, the contestants are not there to cause drama, they are there to face their front and improve.


I wonder where you got the N100 idea from. But voting is still N50 with two other free options – website and Google platforms, especially for the people in diaspora. This should even not bother you as voting is not by force but by choice.

The commercialisation of the show

The show is still about talents, thank you. Yes, the adverts are all MTN, but that has always been the case. MTN is the sponsor, and it can be expected that they ask the producers to promote them, and the producers are not in a position to say no.


Tell me a music show that brings out a big star every season? Not just in West Africa, even internationally, this does not happen. However, with the Academy in Project Fame, all the contestants come out more able to succeed in this field. Project Fame allows them to improve, thus giving them a bigger chance, and is this not what they want?

Every season something new

The producers of this show always bring something new and exciting every season. This season, Falz the Bahd Guy graced our screens as a guest host. Falz is one of the most popular personalities/comedians/rappers in Nigeria right now, who better could have been picked? I watch Project Fame because I am constantly entertained.

Why take away a good thing?

I have had the pleasure of going to the studio to watch Project Fame numerous times, and the studio is always packed full of people really enjoying themselves and having a great time. I do not see why you would want to stop that? In these times, people need a little relief, and Project Fame is an excellent way of getting that.

Thank you!

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