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In 2004, Nigeria witnessed the phenomenal entry of the world renowned game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? (WWTBAM), produced by Ultima Limited, trail blazers in the entertainment industry.

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Project Fame West Africa Season 8

Project Fame West Africa Season 8 (35)

And The Winner Is...

After 8 weeks of grilling, training, tension, preparation, fun and amazing perormances the winner of MTN Project Fame West Africa Season 8.0 has emerged.

Although just one person will now reign supreme as the winner, it is important to note that in the end, everyone is a winner.

And so, ladies and gentlemen, the winner is...


Join us on any of these stations tomorrow.


Yemi Alade Is Looking For Jeff, Apparently!

Jeff walks into the house with an uncertain air. After being plucked from his snug perch in the academy, and transported under hush-hush conditions, the most the usually smiling  and confident 18 year old can offer is a wan smile. As one of the finalists of Project Fame season 8, and having spent the last 8  weeks in the Academy, Jeff is wondering what the cloak and dagger  games are for. Steeling himself, he opens the studio door, and walks in on a smiling face.


Gosh, it’s Yemi Alade!


The uncertainty on Jeff’s face is replaced by a look of shock. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined he would meet the “looking for Johnny” crooner, and so soon in his career! A warm welcome from the sultry songstress leaves him further bedazzled, and he finds himself constantly rubbing his eyes, as though to check if this is all a dream, and to check whether he will wake up in his bed, the victim of a fever induced dream.  The beautiful singer in front of him is very real, however, and so are DJ Coublon, who has a string of hit songs to his credit, and the studio crew. His not-yet-faded surprise hits new heights when he is told by Yemi that they are here to record a remix of her hit song “K.I.S.S.I.N.G”, and his awe and excitement have him feeling awkward.


Yemi, however, like a pro, provides superb mentorship and moral  support, and soon the younger  star (for so we must call him, having made it this far, and emerged as one of the Academy Finalists), is at ease and making jokes with all. DJ Coublon, who produced the original hit song, has made a few modifications to the beat (such is the art of the remix), and soon, the two musicians, with the assistance of producer and songwriter Password, are jotting lines and sampling hooks and refrains. At length, both stars are satisfied with the lyrics, and the voicing begins. Layer upon layer, bit by little bit, the beats are laced with words, and with a few minor modifications to suit a bar or a chord, the song begins to take shape.


Dj Coublon then plays the beat again from the start, and the vocalists have a go at it again. It is immediately evident that a hit song has just been born.


And that, my people, is how you make a song a hit, twice.

You Remix it. 

Ada And Sound Sultan Murder "Motherland"

Sound sultan is a well known and multitalented Nigerian musician. His songs are always hits, and are very radio friendly, usually void of the obscenities that render most songs as NTBB (Not To Be Broadcast)

So, on one fine morning, when Sound Sultan was seen somewhere near the studio of ace hitmaker, Tee-Y Mix, it was naturally assumed that another hit song was in the offing. 


Sound Sultan enters the studio, and almost immediately there is a gasp of what shall we call it? Excitement? Awe? We never can tell. All we can authentically say is that the sound is coming from ADA, one of the sensational Six, the finalists of West Africa’s most prestigious musical reality show, Project Fame. This is the 8thseason, and this year the organizers kicked things up a notch: superstar collaborations and smash hit remixes. Ada’s excitement rises higher when he tells her they will be working on a remix of his international smash hit “Motherland”. 

Ada’s excitement drops a notch, she is visibly intimidated; how do you remix such a monster hit, which already has a remix featuring International acts Wyclef Jean and Reggie Rockstone?


 The answer  opens the door and walks in. Superstar Producer, beat chef for the stars, and Project Fame Judge Tee Y Mix, is the man going to face the daunting challenge. On a song that has hosted Wyclef Jean, Reggie Rockstone, and  Sound Sultan, what impact can Ada make?


Tee Y Mix sits at the massive console, lined with switches and buttons of all sorts. Chord by chord, bit by bit, it begins to take shape. The song, and yet not the song. This new beat has a different feel to it, the same way tea, or coffee is like water, and yet not water. The project fame judge has proven his mettle; this here is a man who truly knows his onions. The writing begins, a blend of old and new flavours, Sultan singing, Ada singing.  Even the producer is impressed by the blend of the creative energies of the two very talented individuals. At length, the song is done.


Mentorship is a wonderful thing. Mentorship from a highly esteemed senior colleague is a blessing. The gift of a collaboration… priceless.


Thank you Ultima, thank you Mtn.

What remains now is for them to perform the song.

I’m eagerly anticipating, are you?

Anderson Has Reasons To Give Praiz, Literally!

Anderson Amos, Project fame Finalist, steps down from the vehicle. He doesn’t know where he is, or why he is coming here. Who he is coming to see and what he is coming to do are the other layers of the mystery.  The compound is unfamiliar, no signs of activity. He walks in to the house, enters as directed and finds himself in Cobhams Asuquo’s studio. The uber talented Producer gives him a warm welcome, and for an instant, Anderson is frozen, like a deer caught in headlights. He turns slowly, trying to take it all in, and you can almost hear the sound as his jaw drops. Sitting in a corner, wearing his trademark grin, is Nigerian singing sensation and Project Fame Mega Alumnus, PRAIZ. 


The tall, gangling finalist is humbled, and excited, all at once. Minutes later, they settle. The business of the day: A remix of Praiz’s iconic song, “RICH AND FAMOUS” which has become something of a hustler’s anthem, and the Ace Producer himself has been listening to various hooks and samples, adjusting this and that, tweaking and modifying. The awestruck expression remains on Anderson’s face as he watches Cobhams do his thing, wondering if he will ever …


Praiz and Anderson are rewriting the lyrics to the song, and Anderson is constantly wowed by the lyrical dexterity of Praiz, and the sheer genius of Cobhams.


Soon enough, the beat, the sound, and their vocals all begin to take shape. Their voices weave in and out, as one with the beat, and the remix slowly grows aout of the original song to stand on its own.  Anderson’s face shows that he knows. It is not often a musician or artiste at his level (finals of Project Fame) is privileged to work with such industry greats as these, but music is a universal language, and they all speak fairly well.


The song is done, the lyrics crafted, the vocals , done to the producer’s idea of perfection. Another hit song has been made. It now remains to be seen whether Anderson will be RICH, and FAMOUS, like the owner of the original hit song

It's Iyanya! With A Touch Of Ibinu

It’s Iyanya and he’s not alone!

Location: MMMG Studios, Lekki, Lagos.


Deinde walks in, and all of his trademark “IBINU” melts away. He sits in the studio, watching the as yet unfamiliar producer work on a beat. Modifying lines and bars, adding a bit of drum here, a bit of guitar there, and just when Deinde was thinking he could place the beat, Iyanya walks in, the “Project Fame 1st Son” is looking smart and cool, despite the late hour; jeans, a sweatshirt, and shoes. He exchanges hearty greetings with Deinde, and informs him that they will be collaborating to remix his song “Mr Oreo”. Deinde is all fired up. One thing we must admire about the bearded Project Fame finalist is his eagerness to go, to do, to face any situation, if not with skill, then with zeal.


Thankfully, his stay in the Academy has not been futile; Academy Principal, Joke “Mummy J”Silva, Uncle Ben, and the Beautiful Ms. Ige have spent quality time, grilling and drilling the contestants through the weeks and performances, bringing the best out of the best. For the young man to be in the Final Six, one thing is clear: he is not lacking in either skill or zeal.


Thus, his meeting with his musical ‘ancestor’ can only lead to a comfortable mind-meld, since both musicians were made and molded by the same pairs of hands, the passage of time being the only divider. Pens and pads are produced, writing is in progress. Guided by the producer, who turns out to be the famous CeleBobo, the song is forged, shaped, and polished.


Iyanya is more or less a household name, a noted and celebrated performer who has proven time and again that he can pull huge crowds by his vocals and performances. Deinde, under the tutelage of the Faculty and guidance of the Judges, has proven to be capable of brilliance, so it will be  interesting to see what these two brilliant minds will produce.


It is easy to imagine the Music director, “Uncle” Ben Ogbeiwi, watching them like a proud father, as the two of them rise to perform the hit song, and it is a sure fact that the rest of West Africa is watching as well. The sentiment is not pride, however, it is anticipation.


We can’t wait. 

Miss Kedike Has A New Pearl

Pearl is invited to an anonymous studio somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria. The place is busy, a flurry of activity is a pointer to the fact that something big is about to happen. The activity is building up, sound and camera equipment being tested, and Pearl Olanma Awa-Agwu is excited and tense all at once. This is her first visit to a music production studio, and we can almost hear her jaw drop suddenly as the door opens and in walks Chidimma, winner of Mtn Project Fame season 3


Chidimma drops her small pouch and heads straight for pearl, they exchange hugs. From somewhere around, Monica Ogah emerges to warmly welcome Pearl. The stars quickly head into the studio to confer with the producers and engineers, launching into heated and excited discussions about octaves, harmonies and melodies, lines and choruses, beats and bars, hooks and pre-choruses. As the beat begins to thump from the speakers, Pearl is encouraged to get her own creativity on, and she obligingly whips out a pad and pen, and begins to jot down thoughts and ideas as the speakers boom and the whirr of the air conditioner does little to counter the heat generated by the very bright Kino Flow Lights.


Chidimma may be petite, but she certainly packs every inch with an intensity the next fifty ladies can only wish for, and as the jam session progresses, it becomes increasingly obvious that Products of the Prestigious Project Fame Academy  are not just pretty faces with good voices. Even the onlookers and hangers on, who seem to always  hover around places like this, are somewhat subdued, in awe, as if recognizing the awesome creativity  (at work) in play here.


At length, bit by bit, in micro adjustments, the beat, the tempo, and the words are all ready. Now all that remains is the voicing. The studio doors close, and the microphone stand is pulled forward. The outsiders, despite the muffled studio doors, can hear the thump of the baseline as the beats pound from the speakers. To the untrained ear, a voice is just that, a voice. But this is where the Project Fame Faculty must be awarded their due credit. Due to the instructions and experience they gave gained, it takes the vocalists several  attempts to hit the notes in the correct tone and pitch, satisfying the eagle eyed and sharp eared producer, who, after several tries, pronounces himself satisfied, and a song is born.



The time is past 3, and despite the fact that most people are (or should be ) asleep, you can still feel the energy and vitality crackling in the studio. This is more than just music; it is a bonding, of the kind that ordinarily takes time. It is a fusion of their creative energies, and as they exchange handshakes and hugs all around, preparatory to taking their leave, we can see that they have made friends, and another hit has been made, another star born. It remains to be seen when this song whose birth you have just read of will be released to thrill the millions of expectant listeners waiting for the products of Mtn Project Fame. 

Who Knew Arewa Could Be This 9ice?

Somewhere in Lekki…


At a studio belonging to famous Nigerian beat chef SHIZZY, a vehicle pulls up. Production crew hastily disembarks, and lug equipment in. Upstairs, the man himself is hard at work, the pounding beats and jangling rhythms emanating from the studio testifying to the fact.


A well known musician and lyricist pulls up in a vehicle and with minimal fuss, enters the studio. A seasoned veteran, he quickly readies himself, and sits down to wait, from where she was hidden in the car, Arewa Comfort Olufunmilayo, recently popular as one of the Spectacular Six Finalists in West Africa’s most prestigious Musical Reality Show, Mtn Project Fame, enters the house and heads for the studio upstairs. People are smiling and waving, and she opens the door, for one heart stopping moment, she is shocked, frozen like a deer caught in headlights. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would one day open a studio door and find herself face to face with 9ice. Abolore Akande, the Adigun Alapomeji, the “gongo aso” crooner himself, in the flesh. Star struck, she steps forward to introduce herself, but is met with “I know who you are; I have been watching your performances.” 


Thus begins a musical reaction, a mind meld of sorts, with Shizzy, 9ice, and Arewa testing and sampling various hooks and ad-libs, and when they finally step into the booth to begin recording, it is immediately obvious to anyone who is present that a hit song is being birthed. After a recording session that lasts approximately three hours the song is complete. Done. Then the photo taking sessions begin. Everyone has fun snapping several pictures and uploading to different social networks. As both parties prepare to depart, one cannot help but notice the lack of tension, the free and joyful air  with which they say their goodbyes.


This is a friendship that will last

“This Is The Remix” – Project Fame Stars Are Ready To Shine!

Project Fame West Africa is fully committed to kick-starting the careers of its winners. To this end, MTN and Ultima Limited have unveiled the critical factor in this year’s show that will raise the bar and ensure the continuous improvement of the craft of these most recent music ambassadors.

The six contestants who have made it to the end of the show, will be teaming up with six A-list stars to produce remixes of six hit-songs which will be unveiled on the night of the grand finale – 26th September, 2015, at the closing gala.

So, who’s singing what? 

When Praiz released his hit-solo ‘Rich and Famous’, it quickly caught on and became something of an anthem on the lips of everyone who wanted to be, well, rich and famous. The booming voice of Anderson will feature on the remix of this song. With his warm personality and the notes he hits with that voice, Anderson is sure to do justice to this remix. We hope he becomes rich and Famous.


Arewa will be pairing up with 9ice, in his evergreen single – GongoAso, which shot the star to national attention in 2008. Arewa has a big voice that is rich and entertaining, we cannot wait to hear what she does with GongoAso!


Yemi Alade’s voice is lovely, her style is earthy and her smile is infectious. Jeffrey will be joining her in the remix of her cheeky smasher – K.I.S.S.I.N.G. The studio sessions saw Jeff being pulled out of his shell by Miss Alade. The live performance is greatly looked forward to!


When Chidinma emerged the winner of Project Fame West Africa Season 3, we knew a musical goddess had been unleashed on the scene. Today, she tops the charts and has become a household name. Our ‘last twin standing’ – Pearl, will be singing alongside Chidinma in the remix of the monster track – Kedike. 


It doesn’t get any earthier and more ‘at-home’ than Sound Sultan. With the poignant lyrics and soulfulness of the song ‘Area’, he stamped his foothold on a genre that will reverberate for ages. Ada joins Sound Sultan on the ‘Area’ remix and with how she’s been known to tear up the stage performance after performance, this is bound to be riveting.



Where season one winner; Iyanya is the Kukere master, Deinde is the ‘ginger’ master of the Project Fame Season 8 academy. Both loved by their female fans, Iyanya and Deinde give off different levels of the same soft and sultry vibe. Oreo is a crowd favorite and if the remix by Iyanya and Deinde goes ahead to top the charts, we won’t be surprised.


As the season winds down to an end, we are finally on our way to finding out who will indeed be ‘The Next’ superstar. With songs like the above remixes which will be blessing us on the night, we see how West Africa has its work cut out for it as it goes about choosing a winner for the season. All we can say is – that’s a good ‘problem’ to have. See you at the closing gala!

Nomination Show 6; Movie Soundtracks, Duets And Trios Extraordinaire!

It is a known fact that each contestant has been battling it out on stage every week to remain favourite. However, tonight was a different ball game as they complimented each other, in voice textures and vocal timbre, showing everyone the power of teamwork and unity.

The show began without the Judges, Faculty and audience knowing they were in for an enthralling evening that will give them goose bumps all night. The finalists started the evening with an impeccable delivery of movie sound tracks. These astonishing performances moved Bibie Brew to tears and got the Guest Judge - Cobhams clapping hard.

Taking the show a notch higher, the contestants stepped out again in grand style after their first set of performances ready to take everyone on another journey with their duets and trio presentations.

At the end of the evening, the contestants got a standing ovation and a resounding round of applause for a job well done. The Faculty members and Choreographer were also acknowledged by the Judges having successfully polished them, stating they  are now ready for stardom.  

To spice up the evening was Oyinkanade and Immaculate of season 5 and 6 respectively. They both rocked the stage and entertained everyone with their latest singles, ‘Oyin and Osanle’.

With the grand finale a fortnight away, it is time to get serious with voting by ensuring that your favourite contestant goes home with the grand prize of N5million Naira, a brand new SUV and a recording contract worth millions of Naira! If you are in Nigeria, simply text your favourite’s voting number to 306 from an MTN line. Text to 1745, if you are in Ghana.

If you are part of our overseas audience, you can now vote for your favourite contestant(s) from anywhere in the world. Simply click OVERSEAS VOTING and follow the instructions to vote.

Elimination Show 6; Geoffrey Launches Ep As Judges Unveil The Finalists!

After emerging the winner of the competition a year ago, Geoffrey returned with loads of success stories as he launched his 7 - track EP titled ‘Bursted’. Apart from the mind blowing performances of some of his hit tracks, Geoffrey also took a moment to appreciate the platform that has contributed greatly to his success story.

Geoffrey is not the only testimonial of Season 7, Ugo and Emeka also showed us how much they have been making the best use of they learnt when they graced the stage to perform. Emeka’s performance particularly filled the air with nostalgia when he was joined on stage by some of Season 7 finalists- Christian, Ugo, and Geoffrey.

The remaining seven contestants who are also hoping to join these ones in the Hall of Fame this Season got a pleasant surprise when the Judges announced that they have all made it to the final lap of the competition, hence no one was eliminated.

These final seven contestants then went ahead to thrill everyone with performances of some all time best reggae songs. The Judges, including Cobhams Asuquo (guest Judge) and Faculty spoke highly of each of the contestants for how much they have grown.

Now that the finalists have emerged, remember, it is now up to you to decide who will be the winner of Project Fame West Africa, season 8.0, The Next. So, keep voting for your favourite contestant from now till he/she wins!

To vote, text voting number to 306 if you are in Nigeria or 1745 if you are in Ghana from an MTN line.
Ada (1), Anderson (2), Arewa (3), Deinde (7), Jeff (11), Kumi (14), Pearl (16). Our viewers in diaspora are not left out, log on to www.projectfamewestafrica.com and click on the overseas voting tab.

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