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Project Fame

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10 Reasons Why MTN Project Fame West Africa Should Continue

9 years ago, MTN Project Fame West Africa was brought to our screens, and what a show it was indeed! However, I disagree with a recent article discrediting this amazing nine years.

Over the years, the show has grown in leaps and bounds. Sure, the hosts have changed, some of the faculty and judges have changed, but people change jobs. It has been 9 years, and not to expect any changes just because you liked the first set is an immature approach. I feel that you are not looking at the show with an open mind anymore, which is not nice. Open your eyes, and accept the changes, and you will see how amazing the show still is, and how it keeps improving. Below I have listed 10 reasons why the show - MTN Project Fame West Africa should make it to its 10th anniversary. Some of my points are direct responses to the article.

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Project Fame West Africa Season 8

Project Fame, also known as Project Fame West Africa or MTN Project Fame West Africa (for sponsorship purposes), is a music talent TV reality show filmed in Lagos, Nigeria and aired in the West Africa. It is a regional version of Star Academy reality series that was developed and is licensed worldwide by Endemol. The show features contestants from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, the show is broadcast by networks in these four countries and across the African continent.

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